Product safety and environmental compliance

The formula of the 4ever Young cosmetic line is micro-biologically and dermatologically tested, it does not contain allergens, parabens, occlusive agents, synthetic colorants or animal-tested raw materials; similarly, the finished product is not tested on animals pursuant to European Regulation 2003/15/EC, which complemented Directive 76/768/EC (as of 13 March 2013 animal-tested cosmetics may no longer be sold in the European Union).

Our priority, besides preserving animal well-being and the environment, is to provide our users with the highest safety guarantee. To this end the meristematic cells (“plant stem cells”) used in the 4ever Young line have been cultivated in vitro in order to be stopped in their development process right when the concentration of cosmetologically active substances is at its highest.

This process allows to reach phenylpropanoid concentration up to 1,000 times higher than the level usually found in live plants, while ensuring particularly high safety, purity and standardisation of cosmetic-grade active ingredients given the lack of pesticides and other contaminants found in the extracts derived from common plants that are not farmed in laboratory conditions.

In a very similar fashion, the protein SH-OLIGOPEPTIDE-1 used in our cosmetic line (Skin Growth Factor usually expressed in human stem cells, which can help the skin heal faster from damage caused by sun exposure and ageing by increasing cell regeneration rate) is not directly extracted from human stem cells; indeed, the protein is biotechnologically engineered through the DNA recombination technique applied to Escherichia coli (Gram-negative bacteria human beings need to properly digest food) and then purified using proprietary chromatography technology. All these methods combined allow us to achieve a level of purity exceeding 95%.

The skin compatibility tests developed at Università di Ferrara has shown very high levels of tolerability among volunteers (“Patch tests”).